This is my story

From crafting marketing emails to excelling in Klaviyo. From being an employee to inspiring solopreneurs. My journey is fueled by relentless excellence and a passion for empowering others to succeed.

Hi, I'm Mücahit

I used to work a lot in email marketing, helping companies talk to their customers. I was good at figuring out what customers like and helping businesses grow.

But I had some challenges:

  • Too many phone calls with clients.
  • Not enough freedom to be creative.
  • I was contributing to others' success, but I realized it was time to focus more on my own growth and goals.

One day, I knew I needed a change. I wanted to be happier and do things my own way. So, I made a big decision.

I finished all my old work and stopped taking so many calls. Then, I started something new:

I began using Klaviyo to make better email strategies. It was hard at first because I was starting from zero. But soon, things got better.

The best part was when a solopreneur thanked me for helping their business grow with my ideas. That felt better than any money I made before.

I worked even harder after that.

Some days were tough, and I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing. But I never wanted to go back to my old job.

In December 2023, I checked how much money I made. It was a lot! Not just from working with clients, but also from teaching others and giving advice. That made me really happy.

Why I'm Telling You This

I want to share my story because I think anyone can do what I did. If you feel stuck doing things for other people all the time, my story can be a sign for you. You can change your life and do what you dream of!